Hard Hat 4: The Doc Robot

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

EDITED ON: 21-May-2011

Hard Hat 4 is finally complete after all these years!  Some of the major changes include a hover jump and many more menu options.  You’ll just have to play the game to find out :)   And if do not line to use installers you can also download the zip file here: Hard Hat IV (Zip)

From the Read Me:

It has been 5 years since Hard Hat imprisoned Dr. Wily and this time Wily teams up with Light to make new Robot Masters!


Z     – Jump
X     – Shoot
C     – Special Attack
Space – All start related items (pause, select, etc…)
ESC   – End Game
F4    – Full Screen
Game Pad – Customizable

Hard Hat 3

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Hard Hat 3This is arguably my favorite game in the series at this point!  The graphics looks nice, the bosses are custom and the engine is about as bug-less as I could ever have hoped for at the time.  Hard Hat himself looks pretty bad ass and he has a wonderful array of weapons to choose from.

Oh happy days ^_^

Anyways, in this edition of Hard Hat our hero is pretty PO’d at Dr. Wily again.  Double H has more than proven himself as a worthwhile robot and Dr. Wily is still making robots.  If that wasn’t enough, while double H was spying on Dr. Wily her over heard Dr. Wily celebrating these new Robot Masters as his “best creations”!  This doesn’t sit well with out hero and he heads out to destroy these best creations.

Hard Hat 2: War Ensemble

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Hard Hat 2: War EnsembleHard Hat 2: War Ensemble is arguably the most well know and apparently most loved in the series.  From the comments I have read about this game this is said to be the most fun as well.

Personally, I like HH3 is my favorite but I can’t control what people like and dislike ;)

Hard Hat 2 is the sequel to Hard Hat The Rebellion (obviously) and this is the first one to feature 8 custom robot masters!  Shown here in the lil’ box is Acid Man.  I think my favorite has to be baseball man.  He is so silly and quirky which clearly makes him lovable.

In this edition of the Hard Hat series Hard Hat is fighting against the mysterious Dr. X.  So mysterious *wooo*.  He has created 8 Robot Masters from your enjoyment *erm* for you to fight against.

Hard Hat: The Rebellion

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Hard Hat: The RebellionThis is the game that started it all! The Damaged Mega Man empire started with this game here…

Okay, maybe I don’t have an empire but this is still one of my most popular games.  It actually might be the most popular.

In this game the star of the show is a very, very disgruntled Metool (Metaur) named Hard Hat and you play against 8 classic Robot Masters from Mega Man 2-6.

Mega Man was fighting against Metal Man and lost to him (cause Metal Man is bad ass).  At the same time Hard Hat is getting PO’d at Dr. Wily because the Doc isn’t taking him seriously.  Once Dr. Wily demands that Hard Hat gets him a drink double H decides that he has had enough and leaves to go see Dr. Light.  Turns out Dr. Light needs a new “hero” since Mega Man is down and double H fits that role perfectly!